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Sterling Harris

I want to invite YOU to take the 2-week challenge. No matter where you are with God, you can benefit from this challenge. Personally speaking, this challenge has me focusing even more on His Love, Presence, Grace, and Power and talking to Him about even more things in my life.

I hope and pray that you will take the time to read this teaching, accept the courage to take the challenge, and cling to the perseverance to see it through to the end! I pray that after the two weeks is up, you will be more in love with God than ever before and more comfortable with communicating with God throughout your day and that you continue to live out this lifestyle of communication and worship for the rest of your life! May God Bless you and hold you in the palm of His Hands! Let’s DO THIS!!! 🙂


+ This challenge is about getting to KNOW God at an experience based level. This will become possible when you involve Him in EVERY aspect of your daily life by constantly communicating with Him, focusing your mind on Him, and seeing your daily life through His eyes. There are 2 different types of knowledge. There is a Factual Head Knowledge with “I know God exists and I believe in Him.” Then there is a Heart Knowledge with “I know God and talk with Him about my life every day because I have experienced His Power, Love, and Favor in a personal, real, and intimate way”.

Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do in word or deed, do it ALL in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him”.

+ How Does The Challenge work? From the moment you get up in the morning, you make it your focus, aim, and goal to communicate with God in some way, shape, or form, and you do this throughout the day, on a moment-by-moment basis. Prayer is any communication with God. It can occur in a lot of different forms. You can pray out loud by yourself, you can talk to God within your mind, you can pray breath prayers where you have talks with God under your normal voice tone. You can also meditate on scripture by thinking about it, visualizing it, seeing how it applies to your life, and talking to God about it. Meditation involves the same energy as worrying with the one exception that makes all the difference, and that is that in mediation, you turn your focus to THE POSITIVE POWER of God and His Word. If you’re thinking about something over and over again, you know how to worry, and that means that you also know how to meditate. Now is the time you TAKE CONTROL and meditate on God as you talk to Him about anything and everything in your daily life. Listening to what you sense God is telling you is key. In any relationship listening to what the other person has to say is vital in developing a strong relationship with that person, the same is true with God. (John 10:27 Jesus Said “My Sheep LISTEN to My voice; I know them, and they Follow Me.”)

+ During my day when I start to think about things that are out of my control, or even in my perceived control, instead of talking to myself about it, a person who does not have the infinite Wisdom, Love and Understanding that God has and cannot truly overcome the enemy and my fleshly desires by myself without exercising the Power that God gave me; because when I try to do it by myself I often feel frustrated, anxious or worried, instead of talking to myself about it I talk to God, the only person that can truly help me and empower me to CHANGE IT ALL. When I do this, He gives me peace about my circumstances and direction on what to do. I talk to Him and then I LISTEN for what I sense He is telling me these often come through several ways: flowing wise thoughts, a sense of peace that comes over you after you talk to Him about it, God may bring a vision or a video may play in your mind that gives you direction on what to do, any answer God gives you will ALWAYS line up with The Bible. God’s WORD will always line up with any communication you get from Him if what your sensing does not line up with God’s Word, Nature and Spirit then it is not from God.

I Follow Him, and I act on His guidance and direction. When I practice this, things work out in my favor, for my good, I experience God in a real, personal, and intimate way, and my faith is built up to a greater strength. Even in challenging negative situations which will and do come into all of our lives because of the enemy, my belief is that God will make everything work out together for my good even when bad things happen to me and the enemy tries to come into my life to Kill, Steal and Destroy my life and faith (John 10:10). Because I love God, involve Him in my daily life and Walk by His Word, I will overcome any and all challenging situations that the enemy tries to hinder my life with by God’s Power that is at work within me! When you communicate and focus on God throughout the day, you invite His Power, Love, and Favor into your life thus becoming the living sacrifice that He is calling upon ALL of US to be. (Romans 12:1-2)

+ This challenge is about putting God First in Your Life and at the Center of everything you think, feel, say, and do for the next two weeks. When you find yourself not focusing on God, which you will, just know that He loves you and lovingly get yourself focused back on Him, as this will be a daily practice that will happen multiple times a day. When it happens to me, I use a positive affirmation to get back on track. I accomplish this by saying under my breath, “Thank You, Jesus.” This simple phrase of affirmation gets me focused back on The Lord. I give myself a lot of Grace and refocus my attention on His Loving Presence in my life, knowing God is looking for effort and persistence NOT perfection! So GRACE and LOVE for yourself is KEY!

+ We all talk to ourselves throughout the day. This internal communication with ourselves can easily be turned to God as a form of prayer and worship. If you can talk to yourself all day long, why can’t you talk to God? You can! It is simple. When you turn your heart to Him, He sees your honest effort, and He hears you! People often think they cannot find time to pray, but prayer is communication, and you are doing that internally all day long with yourself. As you realize throughout the day that you are talking to yourself, you need only to turn your conversation towards God. Instead, talk to Him about all things as you ask for His direction, guidance, will, love, peace, and joy to come to your mind and heart. When you think about it in those terms, talking to The Creator of the Universe makes more sense than talking to yourself. The power and beauty of it all is that we have UNLIMITED access to Him that was bought and paid for By The Blood of Jesus!

+ Here are some ways to Practice the Presence of God and Communicate with Him Daily, Moment-to-Moment, throughout the day. These are just some examples of how you can communicate with God. There are many other ways to communicate with Him, and we all have our own personal relationship with God. This challenge is about you tapping into God’s Love, Power, and Favor more often so your relationship with God can grow. The foundation of any relationship is two-way communication and dialogue, so do not forget the important step of listening to what you sense He is saying to you. To have a healthy relationship with anyone, you have to communicate with that person frequently. In the case of God, the more communication and focus you have on Him, the better your life becomes and your: Joy, Love, Peace, Favor, Faith, and Power are increased Ephesians 3:20 STYLE! Exceedingly and Abundantly!

+ Talking to God throughout the day about everything, asking Him to guide, direct, and bless you and Listen to His Direction+ Meditation + Looking for Christ in other People while talking to or thinking about them + Using Positive Affirmations, “Thank You, Jesus,” + Praying for yourself and others + Listening to Christian Music + Singing Christian Songs to The Lord + Thanking God throughout the day + Reading HIS WORD or Having HIS WORD read to you by YouVersion Bible App+ Reading Christian Based Books + Having Devotional Time (reading something like, Jesus Calling, by Sara Young) + Having some quite time with God where you are talking and listening to Him + Enjoying His earthly creation + Taking a walk and talking with Him

+ Praying for strength, power, and energy while you are working out + Praying for and with your family in person or over the phone + Attending Church services, bible studies, and prayer groups + Keeping a Spiritual Journal of what you experience God doing over these two weeks on a daily basis + Playing a video in your mind of various bible stories like Jesus Walking on water + Fasting + Confession of sins and Thanking Him that they are ALL forgiven By The Blood of Jesus + Acts of charity towards those around you + Walking In Love and Joy with a Smile on Your Face so people see Christ in you + Keeping focused on God being inside of you all the time + When fear, anger, or guilt come at you, talk to God about the situation and Declare God’s WORD over it + Letting the FOCUS be on God and NOT on the Problem or situation + Watching some Christian TV Programs + Listening to some sermons on your way to work or while working out = SUCCESS (Here are some Inspired Teaching and Preaching that we recommend Charles Capps, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Todd White, and Kenneth Hagin) + Praying in Your Supernatural Prayer Language (In The Spirit, In Tongues) + When you go to bed at night Pray for Sweet Sleep based on Proverbs 3:24 and Even Experience God as your Sleeping!

Congratulations, you have spent your day keeping it filled, through moment-by-moment activities and thoughts on God and His Son, Jesus Christ!

Give yourself some Grace. Have fun. Enjoy God!

God Bless YOU! Always remember, Jesus Loves YOU! #SpreadGodsLove


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