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5 Secret Truths: If God’s So Good Why Do Bad Things Happen?

5 SECRET TRUTHS: IF GOD’S SO GOOD WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN? 5 Secret Truths: If God is so Good why do bad things happen? Negative Questions and Mindsets we ask and tell ourselves and others: Questions: Why God why? Why me? Why did God allow this to happen to me? Why is life so […]

The Unforgiveness Purge: Keeping Your Heart Full Of Peace And Joy.

THE UNFORGIVENESS PURGE: KEEPING YOUR HEART FULL OF PEACE AND JOY The Spiritual Principle of Forgiveness happens when I/we forgive people by faith and obedience through THE WORD of God. There is a blessing by OUR Father in Heaven coming from that; as well as peace and prosperity for OUR Souls and Lives. WHO do […]

How I Overcame Sexual Abuse And Trauma, A Victor’s Story.

HOW I OVERCAME SEXUAL ABUSE AND TRAUMA, A VICTOR’S STORY   This is a powerful testimony about a Sterling Harris Ministry partner who overcame sexual abuse and trauma. It is so amazing, and answers various questions that so many of us want to know like: Why do bad things happen to good people? Is everything […]


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