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Sterling Harris


Thoughts of scarcity need to have no place in our lives, and therefore we must rebuke them as they come to our minds. We often see others that are successful in certain areas of their lives and because we do not feel like we got blessed with that success, we have a tendency to get resentful, angry, and bitter at them and even God. We find ourselves saying things to God like, “When are these type of successes and blessings coming my way? Why do I always get the short end of things in life? Why did I not get the promotion at work? Why is their marriage so perfect and blessed? Why are their kids so well behaved, and mine are not?” When we look at other people’s social media pages like Facebook, we are looking at others’ lives and it begins to get easy to be resentful at God about what we perceive He’s not doing in our own life. You may need to ask yourself, “when is the last time you put something negative about your own life or your struggle and shortcomings on Facebook?”

Facebook and social media is not a true report of reality because we are only seeing what people want the world to see and only what they want to portray about themselves. So don’t be fooled by social media or the false idea that someone has it so much easier and better than you. Keep in mind that each picture or post is only a snapshot of their reality that they feel good enough about to share. Because the truth is, no one is immune to the fire of life, and no one has it easy because the enemy is no respecter of persons. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy from everyone on this planet; which is why it is so important to be vigilant in your faith by staying prayerful and continuously in The WORD.

There is not a person on this earth that is without trials and testing and tribulations. Everyone goes through refining fire in life, and everyone has challenges and adversity in life. So don’t think you are the only one because you are not. When you let those disempowering questions and thoughts poison your heart and mind, you will not get the empowering answers that you seek because you are asking disempowering questions. When you see the people around you getting blessed, it can almost feel like they are taking your blessings, as if there is not enough of God’s favor to go around. My friend, let me speak some faith to you and lace you up with the truth. God is a God of abundance. God is a God of infinite power. God is the source and supply of all things. God is never going to run out of grace, money, favor, blessings, forgiveness and most importantly love. For some hardhead cases like mine and perhaps yours, it is a reassuring thing to know that in addition to all of those things, God is also not going to run out of patience either.

God has a special blessing, a double portion of favor, abundance, increase, and love for you! He has your own personal promise land picked out for you! Even still, you might be saying, “Sterling, that sounds great and all, but then why doesn’t my life look like that faith you are speaking about for everyone else?” I’m glad you asked. To receive God’s best for your life, you have to get in agreement with God. You do this by seeking God on a daily basis, and by praying and talking to God and reading THE WORD and allowing it to be the final authority in your life.

You have to allow The Spirit of God dwelling within you to order your steps by allowing your inner peace to lead you. As you go throughout your day, talk to God intimately about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and thank Him for His favor in your life. You have to live with an attitude of Thanksgiving, an attitude of praise, and an attitude of gratitude believing that God will provide for you as you follow Him in an intimate love relationship. You then follow God as He leads you in your daily walk. As you do these things, thank Him in all situations. Speak and declare the things you desire in accordance with God’s WORD by faith, and then you will begin to walk in THE BLESSING as it is written in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and prosperity will come to pass in your life. Whether you know it or not, God has given you talents, abilities, gifts, and a calling on your life which only you can fulfill. It is an irrevocable gift and calling as it says in Romans 11:29, “for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Just as you have to receive a gift in order to possess it, you also have to answer your call in order to receive your calling. No one can take these things from you except for yourself because you are the only one that can block your own blessing by simply denying the acceptance of the gift of it.

Know this, no one can take God’s appointment for you that is His blessings for you because The Word of God says that not one will be taken from His hand. That means as you hold on to God’s never changing hand, your blessing is more secure than the gold in Fort Knox! Get in agreement with God, and rebuke, cast down, and refuse thoughts of scarcity for we serve a God of abundance! The reason why we often do not want to change in our lives is due to our fear of the unknown, the fear of being let down, the fear of being disappointed. We fear that we will be rejected, that we will fail, that we won’t be able to replace what we have to give up in order to make the necessary changes, but it is at those exact times that we need to remember that we serve a God that will never run out of blessings, grace, and love for His Children.

At this point, you may be asking, “Sterling, what should I do about all these people I meet and see that are succeeding?” You pray for their prosperity, pray for them to be blessed beyond belief, and pray for them to have a love relationship with Jesus Christ because God honors faith and love like that. For it says in Jeremiah 29, “Pray for the people where you are captive for in their prosperity you will find your own.” This has worked so many times in my life, where instead of having judgmental thoughts or thoughts of scarcity and envy, I prayed for the others around me, and I got blessed.

I also asked God to forgive me of my negative thoughts, and I forgave God for the negative thoughts I was holding against Him. This situation is called Being Offended at God; which happens to us all the time, often without us even noticing it has happened. As I did this by faith, God put me over more in life, and He has blessed me abundantly. When you walk in Love for others and make THE WORD your final authority, you are honoring God, and He will honor and bless you. If you choose to honor God this way, I know and believe that He will do the same for you.

So walk in love, bless others, rebuke, resist, and refuse the thoughts of temptation that the enemy suggests to you, and when you find yourself being tempted, pray the opposite temptation and watch God bless you abundantly. As you put this into practice in your life, you will begin to walk in your own personal promise land of life that is set aside for you and only you! Remember, the power and choice is already in your hands through the finished works of Jesus Christ. The question is, are you going to put it into action in your daily life in thought, word, and deed? The choice is yours!

God Bless YOU! And Remember this always, Jesus Loves YOU! #SpreadGodsLove

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